The FCI Design Build Process

Our process is designed to simplify the complexity of construction and ensure that you are able to tackle whatever project you have in mind effectively and efficiently

Helping homeowners in Greater Cleveland build their dream homes for over 30 years

Initial Contact

The first step of working together is to get in touch with our team. Generally, this occurs in one of three ways:

1. You spontaneously reached out via email or phone

2. You filled out our contact form and we coordinated a conversation

3. An architect or designer in our network that you are working with made introductions

No matter how we originally get introduced, we will have a series of conversations where we will discuss the general scope of your project, general timeline, etc. to see if we are a good fit. After those initial conversations, if we are a good fit then we will schedule an in-person property walk-through with you.

Property Walk-Through

We will come out to your home or property to meet you and see the future work areas. During this conversation, we will speak more in-depth about your vision for the project as well as take note of existing conditions of the site. This will help us get a better understanding of what your wants and needs are so that we will be better equipped to bring that vision to life, as well as be able to properly begin creating budgets and agreements.

Project Budgeting

Once we have a working set of construction plans from either one of the architects in our network or a architect of your choosing, we will then begin the process of working with our teams, subcontractors, and suppliers to put dollar amounts to your project. This process is iterative and usually takes several further conversations to nail down the final scope of work that aligns with your budget. Once the final scope of work and budget estimates are established, we then will be equipped to properly execute a construction agreement.

Construction Agreement

Our construction agreement is a very detailed document that includes every aspect leading up to this point. It lays out expectations for scope of work, budget estimates, schedules, contractor responsibilities, owner responsibilities, and more. Because construction projects are complex and the subsequent agreement can sometimes be overwhelming, we will always take the time to ensure that you understand and agree with everything encompassed in the document before signing anything.

Construction Phase

After everything is finalized, then it is finally time to get to work! As we are working on bringing your project to life, we will do everything we can to accommodate you and to make construction as easy as possible in your daily life. We will be communicating with each other very often and have systems set up to be able to virtually check-in on progress as well. Once the punch list is completed, you will finally be able to invite your friends and family over to come and enjoy your brand new space!